Black Sunstone – See description and photo for sizes and photos


Earn up to 15 AMC Rewards Program worth $0.30

Polished front and back, bevel edge, flat back – full of metallic flashes

These Black Sunstones have a lot of silver “glitter” that the photos don’t pick up real well.

Black Sunstone creates a protective space that allows you to release whatever isn’t serving you and then fills that space with a nurturing energy that facilitates self healing.

A- 5.5 grams – 30.5mm x 16.5mm x 7.0mm   B – 4.6 grams – 24.4mm x 15.1mm x 7.7mm  C – 5.4 grams – 29.1mm x 14.7mm x 7.1mm

D – 8.1 grams – 45.2mm x 16.5mm x 8.4mm    E – 6.4 grams – 29.9mm x 18mm x 6.6mm   F – 4.6 grams – 22.1mm x 15.6mm x 6.4mm

G -4.7 grams – 28.4mm x 20.2mm x 4.8mm   H – 5.2 grams – 30.1mm x 18.5mm x 5.4mm   I – 2.7 grams – 17.6mm x 15.1mm x 6.4mm

J – 5.3 grams – 22.2mm x 6.6mm   K – 3.6 grams – 20.5mm x 17.2mm x 6.0mm


Weight N/A
Cabachon Choice

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K