Botswana Agate – Lot 2 See description for sizes and photos


Earn up to 16 AMC Rewards Program worth $0.32

**All photos taken under LED light – Polished Front and Polished Back, Flat Back, Bevel Edge

Botswana Agate has banded patterns of whites, purples, and blues

Botswana Agate cabochons are thought to help bring focus on solutions and work through emotional suppression, while enhancing creativity. It is also thought to counteract all manner of poisons, including emotional and spiritual poisoning.

A – 16.7 grams/83  – 55.3mm x 30.3mm x 5.4mm       B – 6.4 grams/32carat – 40.1mm x 18.2mm x 5.1mm

C – 9.2 grams/46carat – 30.2mm x 25.3mm x 5.8mm          D – 4.9 grams/24.5carat – 29.5mm x 16.9mm x 6.1mm

E – 10.4 grams/52carat – 28mm x 26.6mm x 7.0mm           F – 4.2 grams/21carat – 31.9mm x 13.6mm x 5.7mm

G – 4.6 grams/23carat – 25.8mm x 18.5mm x 6.2mm         H – 2.6 grams/13carat – 25.8mm x 14.3mm x 5.2mm

I – 4.3 grams/21.5carat – 32.9mm x 14.4mm x 5.1mm         J – 3.8 grams/19carat – 23.9mm x 17mm x 4.9mm

K – 3.7 grams/18.5carat -27.6mm x 14.7mm x 5.6mm         L – 5.0 grams/25carat – 5.0mm x 20.9mm x 5.3mm

M – 2.1 grams/10.5carat – 18mm x 15.3mm x 4.7mm           N – 4.9grams/24.5carat – 22.2mm x 18.3mm x 5.6mm

O – 5.2grams/26carat – 35.2mm x 5.2mm x 5.3mm

Weight N/A
Cabachon Choice

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O