Charoite – See description for sizes and photos


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**All photos taken under LED light – Polished Front and Matte Back, Flat Back, Bevel Edge

Charoite is translucent lavender to purple in color with a pearly luster making it one of the most attractive gemstones in the world. The swirling patterns of purple and other colors also make it one of the most unique!

Charoite is known as a soul stone that can provide strong physical and emotional healing energies. It’s a powerful spiritual stone that will remind you to live in the now.  It is also a stone of insight helping you remove the negativity from your life and give you protection from negativity.

A – 14.7 grams/73.5 carat – 41.4mm x 27.8mm x7.5mm     B- 12.5 grams/62.5carat – 43.3mm x 21.6mm x 5.7mm

C – 20.1 grams/100.5 carat – 58.4mm x 27.6mm x 7.1mm   D – SOLD

E – SOLD         F – 14.2 grams/71.5carat – 40mm x 28.4mm x 7.4mm


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A, B, C, D, E, F