Chrysocolla Malechite – See description for sizes and photos


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**All photos taken under LED light – Polished Front and Polished Back, Flat Back, Bevel Edge

Chrysocolla-Malachite combines the bold dynamic energy of green Malachite with the serene and balanced energy of blue Chrysocolla.  Chrysocolla helps us to self-soothe and feel peaceful within ourselves and the Malachite inspires us to be friendly and confident in our interactions with others.  Together they inspire us to show the world our true self and to know that we don’t need anyone to validate who we are.  Chrysocolla-Malachite can also be used to understand and heal old traumas, particularly those involving people who are close to us.  It forces us to be honest with ourselves about what happened.  It warns us against claiming responsibility for things that are not our own, while also pushing us to acknowledge the parts that were within our control.  It help us to make peace with the past and to look forward with a clean consciousness.  Chrysocolla-Malachite helps us to create a life that suits us well.

A – 8.1 grams/40.5 carat – 32.1mm x 23.3mm x 7.7mm     B – 18.1 grams/90.5 carat – 55.2mm x 29.8mm x 6.2mm

C – 9.2 grams/46 carat – 35.3mm x 24.3mm x 5.7mm     D – 3.5 grams/17.5 carat – 22.1mm x 13.6mm x 6.1mm

E – 5.5 grams/27.5 carat- 24.8mm x 19.6mm x 5.2mm     F – 7.5 grams/37.5 carat- 37.7mm x 16.4mm x 7.4mm

G – 13.6 grams/68 carat – 33.3mm x 18.9mm x 9.9mm




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A, B, C, D, E, F, G