Kaleidoscope Prism Stone (Utah Kaleidoscope) Lot 3 See description for sizes and photos


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**All photos taken under LED light – Polished Front and Back, Flat Back, Bevel Edge

This Kaleidoscope slab was hand picked just for me and stones cut and polished at my request.  Kaleidoscope Prisms are made up of crystals of Malachite, Chrysocolla, Fluorite Prisms and more which gives this stone the Kaleidoscope affect. Note – the colors in the Kaleidoscope Prism Stone (as with pretty much any stone) will appear brightest in sunlight and may appear more muted in indoor lighting.

Kaleidoscope Prism Stone makes incredibly beautiful jewelry, but it must be noted that it should probably use it in jewelry that is not likely to be knocking into hard surfaces or encountering jarring impact as it is a softer stone.

Kaleidoscope Prism Stone is a calming stone. A stone of empowerment, teaching that genuine power is best expressed through gentleness. The enduring energies of this stone, balances and grounds your ideas by giving structure to your thought process during challenging times.

U – 9.6 grams/48 carats – 37.5mm x 20.9mm x 6.3mm     V – 5.3 gram/26.5 carat – 31.1mm x 14.9mm x 5.8mm

W – 6.3 grams/31.5 carat – 29.6mm x 16.2mm x 6.6mm     X – 5.5 grams/27.5 carat – 25.9mm x 24mm x 5.3mm

Y – 10.3 grams/51.5 carat – 34.4mm x 25mm x 7.3mm        Z – 5.3 grams/26 carat – 29.1mm x 15.6mm x 6.2mm

AA – 7.7 grams/38.5 carat – 33.2mm x 20.2mm x 5.6mm   BB – 9.2 grams/46 carat – 36.9mm x 18.8mm x 6.7mm

CC – 6.4 grams/32 carat – 28.7mm x 9.6mm x 5.8mm         DD – 7.6 grams/38 carat – 25.4mm x 22.4mm x 3.7mm








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AA, BB, CC, DD, U, V, W, X, Y, Z