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Same great Claystay as always.  They syringe makes this product even easier to place exactly where you want it.  Choose the tip you need based on the area you need to cover.  A little goes a long way!

Watch how Kim uses this syringe in her upcoming Bezel Setting Tutorial.  To be released around June 1st.

• Shake the ClayStay before use.
• Keep lid on when not in use.
• Wipe tip after use, or when changing type of clay.

• Lid is child proof

Forming Bonds:
Do not over-saturate clay. Clay pieces need to join flush. If they do not, add metal clay to fill gap.
• Unfired to Unfired: Fit tightly, add clay
• Unfired to Fired: ClayStay plus fresh metal clay.
• Fired to Fired: Roughen surfaces, ClayStay plus fresh metal clay.

Syringing: Mix Claystay with Premium Aussie Clays to enable you to Syringe – more details on the Aussie YouTube Channel

Cutting machines, carving, sculpting: Apply thin coat and let dry.

Note: Kim’s ClayStay is a METAL CLAY GLUE only not a gap filler.

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