***PRE ORDER*** AMC SILVER PROMO PACK – 10 Grams – Choice of 999, SS2, 960 Argentium or .999 Origami -Read Below


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Instruction for any silver bought after 11/22/2022 – HERE

Choice of 1 pack – 10 grams of AMC .999, AMC .960/SS2,  AMC .999 Origami or AMC Argentium


There have been changes in these wonderful clays that will benefit our AMC artists.
AMC .999 – Fine silver can be torch-fired in 3-4 minutes and kiln fired in 30 min (3cards). You can achieve a sinter in 5 minutes if put into a hot kiln.
AMC SS2 – Sterling silver clay can be torch-fired in 6-7 minutes and kiln fired in 30 min (3cards).
AMC Arg – Argentium Silver can be torch-fired in 8-9 minutes and OPEN SHELF kiln fired in 30 min (3cards).

AMC 999 Origami, I recommend kiln firing rather than torch firing.



Weight 3 oz

.999 Origami (for Origami Folding), AMC .960/SS2, AMC .999, AMC Argentium