Septarian – See description and photo for sizes and photos


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Polished front, flat matte back, bevel edge.

Septarian (a grounding stone) can give balance to your body, mind, and spirit. It will ensure peace and harmony in all aspects of your being so that you will be able to face the daily challenges of life with confidence and grace.  Septarian will harmonize your emotions and your intellect with your higher mind. It will make you understand things about this life that you didn’t understand before, and this knowledge will contribute to an enlightened existence.

A– 5.8 Grams – 36.3mm x 20.1mm x 4.9mm    B – 9.1 Grams – 47.1mm x21.1mm x6.1mm     C – 9.4 grams – 38.2mm x23.2mm x 6.5mm

D – 8.1 grams – 37.2mm x 22.5mm x 5.9mm   E – 13.4 grams – 10.06mm x 30.2mm x 6.4mm  F – 4.5 grams – 30.08mm x 22.9mm x 3.9mm

G – 8.2 grams – 43.9mm x 25.7mm x4.1mm

Weight N/A
Cabachon Choice

A, B, C, D, E, F, G